Faculty News

Andrea Bieler published “Word and Touch: Ritualizing Experiences
of Illness in Christian Liturgy” in Medizin und Religion; “Abtauchen
mit Luc Besson. Spuren impliziter Religion im Werk des französischen
Filmemachers” (“Diving Deep with Luc Besson: Traces of Implicit
Religion in the Work of the French Filmmaker”) in Handbuch Theologie
und populärer Film, Vol. 2; “Über das Te Diegum und den heiligen Rasen:
Hermeneutische Überlegungen zu religiösen Ritualisierungen in
populärkulturellen Phänomenen” (“About the Te Diegum and the Holy
Playing Ground: Hermeneutical Considerations about Religious
Ritualizations in Popcultural Phenomena”) in Sinnspiegel: Theologische
Hermeneutik der Populären Kultur;  and co-authored with David Plüss
“Der Klangraum des Wortes. Die performative Gestalt liturgischer
Sprache” (“The Sound-Space of the Word: Reflections on the Performative
Dimension of Liturgical Language”) in Sprache und Religion.

Aaron Brody published “Ships and Sailing in the OT” and “Mizpah, Mizpeh,” in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible; “‘Those who Add House to House,’ Household Archaeology and the Use of Domestic Space in an Iron II Residential Compound at Tell en-Nasbeh” in Exploring the Longue Duree: Essays in Honor of Lawrence E. Stager; and co-authored  “The Emergence of Y-chromosome Haplogroup J1e Among Arabic-Speaking Populations” in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

Joe Driskill in February was elected co-moderator of the Reconciliation Commission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis.This committee serves the General Church (U.S. and Canada) and has as its mandate to aid in creating an anti-racist and pro-reconciling church. 

Horace Griffin published “African American Fathers of Gay Sons” in   Listen, My Son: Wisdom to Help African American Fathers, edited by Lee Butler and Homer Ashby. In February, he delivered a paper, “Shackles No More: Overcoming the Sin of Black Machoism,” at the Morehouse Founders Day Symposium (video available at psr.edu).

Christina Hutchins was awarded the Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize for poetry from the Missouri Review for seven of her poems, which appear in the journal’s spring issue. The $5,000 prize was presented at a reception in March held at the University of Missouri.

Jim Lawrence has edited an anthology, Principles in Play: Essays in Honor of George Dole’s Contribution to Swedenborgian Thought, which includes his essay, “Telling the Old, Old Story Anew: George Dole’s Developmentalist Construction of the Biblical Narrative.”

Benny Liew has edited and written an introduction to Postcolonial Interventions: Essays in Honor of R. S. Sugirtharajah; he also published “Response: Learning to Know about Mothers who ‘Know Best’” in Mother Goose, Mother Jones, Mommy Dearest: Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son Relationships in the Bible; delivered a presentation, “Asian Americans, Bible Believers: An Ethnological Study,” at the Institute of Signifying Scriptures Conference in Claremont, CA. He was a panelist and presenter last fall at both the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature annual meetings, held in Montreal and New Orleans, respectively; and he took three students to the Parliament of World Religions conference in Melbourne, Australia, in December.

Inese Radzins participated last fall in a colloquium in Angers, France entitled “Simone Weil in Her Time and in Ours,” sponsored by the Association of the Study of the Thought of Simone Weil, and gave a paper entitled “Simone Weil’s Material Christianity.”  She also published “A New Religion? Simone Weil’s Revised Christianity” in The Relevance of the Radical: Simone Weil 100 Years Later, and “Simone Weil’s Political Philosophy: Toward a Post-Colonial Critique of Power” in New Topics in Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Resistance, Religion and Ethical-Political Relations.

Rossitza Schroeder in January lectured on “Religious Narratives and Their Histories in the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco” in the museum.