A Special Welcome for Parents



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Featured Speakers

Dr. Margaret A. Farley | Dr. Stephanie Coontz | Rev. Miguel De La Torre | Rev. Barbara Essex

For the past 111 years, the Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference has provided cutting edge public education. Our lecturers have been activists, scholars, educators, historians, authors, activists, and faith leaders including Theodore Roosevelt, Elie Wiesel, Howard Thurman, Maya Angelou, Paul Tillich, Alice Walker, and Robert Reich.

This year we extend a special invitation to parents.


Why should you consider attending the Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference?


  • Choose from a selection of more than 30 workshops, keynote lectures, and clinical practice sessions taught by scholars, activists, social workers, educators, and nationally known theologians.
  • Network with progressive nonprofit leaders, educators, counselors, social workers, scholars, activists, parents and clergy who work at the intersection of faith and family.
  • Learn ways to integrate progressive Christian (and other!) spiritual practices and ethics into your family life. 
  • Get a Discount!  Register before November 30 and pay only $175!


Session Topics Include:

And many more!

To visit: http://www.psr.edu/Earl-lectures-2013-parents

To register: http://www.regonline.com/earllectures