Dismantling Racism - Creating Intercultural Justice

PSR is in an exciting time of transition as an institution. That transition impacts every area of our work. As we seek to hold true to our commitments to historical and emerging faith communities, we are also striving to expand our reach to include persons actively engaged in spiritual and social change.  Some of those partners are within faith communities - many are not.  The Changemaker Fellowship Program and the new Certificate in Spiritual and Social Change reflect that commitment, especially in our efforts to live faithfully to promote and build a world where inclusion and racial equity prevail.

The Board of Trustees has renamed what was formerly the ARCC (Anti-Racism, Cultural Competency) Committee and is renewing its vision around this area as the Inter-Cultural Justice Committee.  It continues in its mission to help provide oversight for the following:

  • developing and monitoring a holistic plan focused on the elimination of systemic and institutional racism
  • equipping leaders with the values, skills, and commitment to cultural humility and an intercultural justice perspective necessary to build anti-racist institutions and dismantle systemic racism in society, and
  • modeling this commitment and work at PSR.

We are re-engaging this arena as administration, faculty, staff, and students this year and are anticipating some new institutional collaborations to assist us in doing this ongoing work. Please continue to watch this page for exciting developments. 

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