Denominational and Ministry Partners

Profound engagement with diverse faith communities has long been part of our heritage. In 1866, PSR was established by Congregational leaders in California as the first graduate school of religion west of the Mississippi.

Today, PSR is one of seven seminaries of the United Church of Christ (UCC) with strong ties to the United Methodist Church (UMC) and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). PSR's curriculum includes courses on UCC, UMC, and DOC history, polity, and doctrine, designed to help students prepare for ordination. Half of our students come from these faith traditions. The rest are from a wide variety of communities as diverse as Roman Catholicism, Unitarian Universalism, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, African Methodist Episcopal Church, and several other mainline denominations and new religious movements. Faculty, staff, and trustees also represent a wide variety of faith traditions and cultures, and often play prominent roles in denominational leadership. The PSR Office of Field Education is in ministry partnership with many local denominational congregations and agencies that serve as student Field Ed placement sites.

Disciples Seminary Foundation

PSR maintains a formal relationship with the Disciples of Christ through the Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF), based in Claremont, California. The DSF has an office on the PSR campus to provide support and academic advising to DOC students.

Swedenborgian House of Studies

In partnership with PSR, the Swedenborgian House of Studies provides theological education for pastors and lay leaders of the Swedenborgian Church. An extensive Swedenborgian library is also housed at PSR.