Change of Enrollment Form

If you need to make changes to your schedule (add, drop, change units, change grading options) after the second week of courses, please submit a Change of Enrollment form which you may download and print below or obtain in front of Holbrook 135.

Download the Change of Enrollment Form (PDF) »

How to fill out Change in Enrollment form:

  1. Write in your name, and the term and year, the course number and desired change in the appropriate column.
  2. Obtain your instructor's signature (or just email them and cc: registrar[at]psr[dot]edu for drops). Or you may also turn in the form while forwarding an email approval from the instructor confirming the add, change in grading option, or change in credits to
  3. The Business Office will bill you a $50 per change fee (not per form). Log into your WebAdvisor account to view and pay charges.
  4. Submit to the registrar by the 10th week of courses at the front reception desk. No Change in Enrollment forms will be accepted after the 10th week.

You do not need your Advisor or Dean's signature unless you are instructed to do so by the registrar. Forms with incorrect or incomplete course numbers, information, and signatures will not be processed. Use Change of Enrollment forms or emails between the 2nd and 10th week of classes. All changes before the 2nd week of classes should be made through WebAdvisor.

as of August 2012