Certificate of Swedenborgian Theology (CST)

Welcome to the Certificate in Swedenborgian Theology (CST) program. The CST exists to provide ordination track students in the Swedenborgian Church with the necessary coursework required by the denomination for ordination, as well as to provide a structured course of Swedenborgian Studies for current PSR degree students and laypersons who desire this concentration.

The CST program is designed to be a three year, less-than-full-time course of study although you may take up to six years to complete the certificate. Though all courses are offered on campus, a special feature of the CST is that all courses are also offered in a format available to distance learners. It is not uncommon for current degree students (those in the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Doctor of Ministry, or the GTU MA) to add CST to their degree coursework as a way to gain an ordination track in the Swedenborgian Church. Adding the CST may or may not require additional semesters of study, depending upon the number of elective hours available to the student.

CST courses are taught by faculty from Pacific School of Religion and other Graduate Theological Union member schools. Some courses are offered by adjunct faculty selected by the Swedenborgian House of Studies at PSR.

Course Requirements for the CST

CST students are required to complete a minimum of 21 credits. Twelve of these credits must be taken as core credits in specific areas of study designated below.

Core Credits (12 total credits)

1. Swedenborgian Exegesis (6 credits)
2. Introduction to Swedenborgian Thought (3 credits)
3. Swedenborgian History (3 credits)

Each academic year, the CST advisor/coordinator will indicate the current course offerings which fulfill each foundational area. CST Elective Credits (9 credits) In addition, you are required to take nine credits in the areas of Swedenborgian Studies. All courses designated for CST credit are applicable for these nine hours. Other courses not listed as CST courses may be approved by the CST advisor/coordinator on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Program Manual for the CST

  • Academic program manual for the CST 2010 and after. Both parts required:
    Part I
    Part II
    Please submit your signed Statement of Understanding by the first two weeks of the Fall or Spring you matriculate and register in this program.

Other CST forms

For more information on how to apply for the CST, consult the Admissions Information and Requirements chart and contact Admissions.

CST Course Offerings for 2010-2011

Fall 2010
BS 2740 Swedenborgian Exegesis (3.0 units)
ST 1550 Introduction to Swedenborbian Thought (3.0 units)
Spring 2011
BS 2740 Swedenborgian Exegesis (3.0 units)
HS 2066 Swedenborg in History (3.0 units)