Certificate of Ministry Studies (CMS)

Pacific School of Religion's Certificate of Ministry Studies (CMS) is undergoing an exciting process of re-visioning and restructuring its unique lay and clergy program of study which combines the real-life practice of ministry with basic (non-graduate level) theological education.  This reconfiguration is in direct response to the results of a comprehensive program review conducted over the past year by PSR & GTU faculty, staff, and CMS alumni.

Multi-cultural in its design and focus, the CMS has always provided leadership training for lay and clergy leaders of diverse racial/ethnic communities, equipping them to strengthen their congregations and create new ministries.  As a foundational component of our department of Community and Continuing Education, this emphasis will continue and expand as we seek to increase the denominational, congregational and community audiences we can effectively serve.

A key element of this expansion will include enhancing our traditional modes of teaching with flexible learning opportunities - hybrid combinations of online and face-to-face experiences.  There are a number of other strategies in development which we believe will build upon some of the richest traditions of the CMS experience while increasing the accessibility of the program from the standpoint of time, finances, and practical application.

Our new program is called Theological Education for Leadership (TEL), and it was launched in January 2012.

CMS Transcript Requests

Official CMS transcripts list your coursework completed as a CMS student; your full legal name; your degree/certificate program, and if applicable, the date your degree was conferred; previous degrees from other universities (if you had reported them); your date of birth; and your state or country of birth. Official transcripts also include a brief explanation of grades and are signed, dated, and sealed by the Registrar.  PSR/CMS transcripts list only courses that have been graded, not courses that are still in progress.

To obtain an official transcript of your grades, print out a Transcript Request form.  Click here to access the form. 

All requests must be in writing with your signature. Cost is $10 per official copy (not including fees that may apply) and requests take up to 10 business days from the time of receipt to process. Incomplete requests will not be processed.


Ann Jefferson, Program Coordinator
ajefferson@psr.edu, 510/849-8284