Volunteer and Internship Opportunities - Sojourn Chaplaincy, SF General Hospital

San Francisco General Hospital is a unique environment in which to learn: a busy county hospital providing medical services regardless of economic status. Many of the patients we serve are socially and economically marginalized, homeless, suffer from mental illness or substance abuse, or are victims of trauma or violence.

Current Education Programs 
The Sojourn Training and Internship Education Programs introduce students to the work of hospital chaplaincy and assist them in developing spiritual care competencies. The programs include the following methods of learning: didactic seminars; reading & writing assignments; Peer Reflection Group, clinical coverage (direct patient care), group supervisory/reflection sessions, and individual supervision.
Sojourn is affiliated with seminaries of the Graduate Theological Union (and is in the process of developing relationships with other seminaries) for Field Education placements. Field Ed Internships are tailored to students wishing to complete their field education or do an internship or advanced field education placement in a chaplaincy setting.  Interns work closely with on-site mentors who offer regular feedback and support. Students develop a learning covenant and work on specific learning goals, which often include goals related to leadership development, community-building, and teaching or educational opportunities
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Reverend Claire Bohman
Volunteer and Education Manager at Sojourn Chaplaincy
The Multi-Faith Spiritual Care Department of the San Francisco General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave Suite 2C5
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 206-5245
Posted: June 29, 2015 

Ecumenical House Christian Campus Ministry at SFSU

Someone recently asked me to identify my “ideal” campus minister. I had to pause for a moment. The question is loaded.

To me, the ‘ideal’ campus minister is not ideal because he or she happens to be a priest, a deacon, or a baptized leader. The ideal is not full time or part time. To me, the ideal campus minister is someone who sees relationships as his or her most important resource, someone who spends his or her time meeting with seemingly random students in coffee shops. An ideal campus minister builds relationships between students, between campus organizations, between local parishes and the student community." 

The same could be said for young adult ministers. Relationships are central to our ministry. We are called to lead communities of disciples who follow Jesus. We need solid relationships to build that community, Multi-Denominational Parish-Based Ministry

A Rising Generation of Leaders 

  • Through campus ministry the church keeps its baptismal promise to support persons in their life in Christ. We do this in partnership with youth leaders, camp directors, parishes and young adult ministries.
  • Many leaders in the church have been involved with campus ministry, and point to these ministries as pivotal moments in their faith development and religious commitment.
  • Campus ministry is an effective investment in the leadership, life and growth of the church and requires the financial and relational commitment of the parish and the diocesan community as a whole in order to be successful, healthy and sustainable. 

 A Necessary Community

  • College students are in a transitional place developmentally which calls for a creation of a peer community. In such groups, individual faith and religious commitments are challenged, explored and strengthened. 
  • Campus ministries serve as places of community which may center around shared meals, regular worship.  

San Francisco State University focuses on service projects with our students. 

  • Once a month, students make sandwiches and go to the heart of San Francisco to feed the homeless who live there. 
  • Every Wednesday night, we engage in conversation about faith with the assembled students who have chosen to live in an intentional community. 

Field Placement students will be expected to lead group discussions, help prepare meals, work with students to manage the environment and keep it clean. They will also assist with development of program that engages local churches.

Monthly stipend: $0
Car required?: No 


Rev. Sandra V. Sanders-West, Chaplain
415-333-4920 office
510-773-0462 cell

Address: 190 Denslowe Drive  San Francisco, CA 94132  

United Religions Initiative

Founded in 2000, the United Religions Initiative is an international organization with the purpose of promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence, and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings. Through URI's network of over 680 grassroots interfaith organizations called Cooperative Circles (CCs) in 85 countries, half a million people of diverse faiths are working together to build bridges of respect and cooperation and improve their communities.

Self-organizing and independent, URI CCs work in diverse ways to achieve URI's purpose by taking on local problems and creating positive futures with grassroots ingenuity. URI cultivates and supports them through eight regional centers around the world, UN representatives, and a global support office in San Francisco. URI is governed by a Global Council elected by members of CCs.

As an NGO (non governmental organization), URI became affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information in 2003 and attained consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council in 2007. As a UN NGO, URI works in partnership with UN agencies providing channels of mutual benefit between UN programs and initiatives and URI's extensive network of grassroots interfaith action groups. Three URI-UN representatives based in NYC, Nairobi and Geneva together with URI's Executive Director and Co-Director of Global Programs comprise URI's UN team.


The Intern Position includes opportunities to learn about the work of United Religions Initiative on all levels:

  • serving as a key administrative liaison between URI’s global office in SF and the URI-UN team; 
  • helping to develop information about how to partner effectively for both UN agencies and URI’s network; 
  • tracking official agreements and new opportunities; 
  • assisting in the promotion of the UN International Day of Peace and World Interfaith Harmony Week; 
  • developing compelling communication stories and strategies.

15 hours per week
9 months
office space/computer/phone provided

Monthly stipend: $300 

Car required?: No 



Sally Mahe, Co-Director of Global Programs and Organizational Development

Ofelia Trevino, Associate Global Programs

Building 1009 General Kennedy Ave  San Francisco, CA  94129

Youth Spirit Artworks

Youth Spirit Artworks is an interfaith jobs and job training nonprofit that uses art as a vehicle for engagement, empowerment and personal and social transformation in the lives of homeless and other underserved youth (ages 16 to 25). Youth Spirit carries out its mmission through three program areas: Studio Art, Community Art, and Arts Entrepreneurship. We are located in South Berkeley and work with close to 175 young people each year.

Youth Spirit is going to be involved in a collaborative project in 2015-2016 called "Beyond This Prison," where youth from our program will carry out pen pal relationships with long-term inmates and then create a body of artwork on the subject of "freedom and imprisonment" jumping off from this experience. We hope to generate a body of paintings from reflections in summer 2015 that we will then arrange to take to religious congregations to exhibits, worship services, religious education sessions with adults, children and youth, to bible studies and other forums available for our engagement with parishioners.

We are seeking a seminarian for 2015/16 with a passion for art, and deep concerns related to social justice, who will be involved in the "Beyond This Prison" Project, helping to organize and carry out our activities with congregations, and who in other ways would be interested in engaging youth and the religious community in our ministry through events at our Art Studio site.

The Field Ed student would be a participant in our YSA Leader Team, helping to make decisions for our organization with youth and staff and will also participate, we hope, in our Friday community sharing events, where we have a meal together and hold innovative and Spirited weekly trainings.

Youth Spirit's regular studio hours are Monday through Friday 12:30pm to 6:30pm. The PSR seminarian would choose hours during this period and also weekend hours for the special congregation activites, as those are organized.


Sally Hindman, Executive Director

On Lok Lifeways

A Field Education Opportunity with Seniors at On Lok Lifeways Senior Health Care
(San Francisco/Fremont/San Jose)

On Lok Lifeways is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), serving frail seniors who want to live in their own home, not a nursing home.

We provide comprehensive medical care and social services at our day care centers, and assistance at home with everyday tasks.

A unique opportunity for seminary and chaplaincy students:

  • Diverse. We serve a rainbow variety of seniors from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. We have about 1,400 patient participants.
  • Interfaith. Participants come from a rich breadth of spiritual traditions. Respectfully learn and support people in their unique path of meaning.
  • Flexible. Students can serve at one or more of our 8 Bay Area centers and satellite sites. A variety of scheduling options are available.
  • Hands-on. Students work directly with seniors in one-on-one spiritual counseling, and may also lead spirituality groups and other opportunities.
  • Growing/Creative. Chaplain and Spiritual Care services are still fairly new at On Lok; program development is growing and well-received. This translates into opportunities to deliver creative new spiritual care services.

On-site supervision is provided by Rev. Jeff Bert, M.Div., Spiritual Care Services Specialist and Chaplain.

CPE credits can be arranged with an independent CPE supervisor. Ask for details.

Car Required: No
Monthly Stipend: $100+

1333 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(also other sites in SF, San Jose and Fremont)


Rev. Jeff Bert, Chaplain

San Francisco Interfaith Council

The San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) seeks to "Celebrate our diverse faiths and spiritual traditions, bring people together to build understanding and serve our community." We count as our constituents the 800 congregations in the City and County of San Francisco, their respective judicatories, sectarian educational and healthcare institutions, as well as the faith-based social service agencies that provide the social safety net for our most vulnerable residents. The SFIC is increasingly seen by civic leaders and the public as the "go-to" organization that is able to mobilize the religious communities of our City. Further, congregations and faith-based agencies look to the SFIC for resources, referral and representation. For a quarter of a century, the SFIC has strengthened relationships with key civic agencies and non-governmental organizations, enabling us to enhance our core missions of responding to homelessness and disasters. Most importantly, we bring the religious community together to address areas of need and observance they cannot do alone.

Monthly stipend: $400
Car required? Yes
**Please note that intern must provide own laptop**

Serving/Learning Opportunity:

  1. Plan and coordinate the 11th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Day Service (Thursday, November 26, 2015). Each year, the SFIC sponsors San Francisco's only Interfaith Thanksgiving Day Service, bringing together faith leaders and congregants from the rich diversity of our City for prayer and thanksgiving. At that service an offering is collected to offset the rising cost of the San Francisco Interfaith Winter Shelter. 
  2. Plan and coordinate the Annual World AIDS Day Service (date to be determined - November 2015). For the past several years, the SFIC has collaborated with St. Mark's Lutheran Church in
    co-hosting the City's only Interfaith World AIDS Day Service. Last year's observance took place on the eve of World AIDS Day, Sunday, November 30. 2014. The theme of the service, "From Darkness Into Light," was expressed by the inspirational music, prayers and reflections from many different faith traditions. 
  3. Plan and coordinate the Annual Interfaith Memorial for the Homeless Dead (date to be determined in December 2015) with the SF Night Ministry.This moving observance took place on the evening of December 18, 2014 at the Civic Center. In addition to prayers for the dead offered by religious and civic leaders of many faith traditions, a solemn reading of the names of the homeless who died in the past year was offered. 
  4. Assist, as needed, with the 18th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast (Tuesday, November 24, 2015). This is our major event of the year and is attended by 400 people on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day. Each year we shine the spotlight on a contribution of the faith community to the life of San Francisco.
  5. Assist with Monthly Breakfast. On the second Thursday of each month the SFIC hosts an Interfaith Breakfast at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, in San Francisco that brings together nearly 100 congregation and lay leaders to network, share a meal, hear a speaker and an individual’s faith journey. Speakers from a variety of City Departments, civic agencies, NGOs and philanthropic programs are invited to share their important work, engage faith communities to help spread the word to eligible congregants as well as offer volunteer opportunities for congregants and congregation programs. 
  6. Assist with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observance and March. For half a decade, in what is quickly becoming a San Francisco tradition, the SFIC has assumed primary responsibility for organizing the City’s annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance. Our role is to coordinate the annual march over the Lefty O’Doul Bridge, which brings together “freedom riders” from the South Bay as well as those who gather from the City at the Caltrain Terminal. This march to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Yerba Buena Gardens (YBG) pays tribute to and is symbolic of the 1965 crossing made by Dr. King over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Upon arrival at YBG, the estimated 10,000 attendees are led by the SFIC in a moving Interfaith Service. Key civic and noted dignitaries are in attendance. 
  7. Assist with Biennial Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Congregations. On April 30, 2014 at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, the SFIC hosted the 5th Biennial Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Congregations. Past workshops have focused exclusively on the faith community's response to catastrophic disasters. Last year's theme, "Congregations Responding to Everyday Disasters," examined the role of the faith community in responding to the needs of those impacted by fires, floods and other regularly occurring crises. Our partners in this important event were the SF Department of Emergency Management, the SF Police and Fire Departments, the SF Human Services Agency, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, SF CARD and The San Francisco Foundation. The next Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Congregations is scheduled for late April or early May 2016. 
  8. Assist with Annual “Bike to Worship Week.” The SFIC partnered with the SF Bicycle Coalition to promote "Bike to Worship 2014," an opportunity that encourages congregants to pedal to their primary worship services from May 25 - June 1, 2014. Employing its vast communications network, the SFIC helped to spread the word, share the free "BIKE TO WORSHIP Toolkit" and helped to enlist registrants. This year's "Bike to Worship" Week is scheduled for May 25 - May 31, 2015 and will most likely be scheduled for late May in 2016.



Michael G. Pappas, Executive Director

The SFIC offices are located in the Presidio Chapel at 130 Fisher Loop in the Presidio of San Francisco.


Piedmont Gardens Retirement Community

Piedmont Gardens is a retirement community with very active seniors. We provide continuum of care which means that we have a large independent living facility, a smaller assisted living unit, skilled nursing, and we have one of hte few non-medical memory care units.

The opportunities for learning about spiritual care are quite extensive. The population is quite diverse and so are people's cultural and spiritual backgrounds. The Spiritual Care Department provides spiritual/emotional support, end of life care, support groups, and education around different ways to attend to spiritual and emotional well-being, among other things.

This is a "broad" internship, and we welcome people who can show a lot of initiative and like to develop some of their own ideas. The hours can be flexible.

Car Required?: No
Monthly Stipend: $400

110 41st Street
Oakland, CA 94611


Rev. Elisabeth Middelberg
Director of Spiritual Care

San Francisco Night Ministry

Night Ministry provides pastoral care, referrals and crisis intervention every night of the year between the hours of 10:00 pm and 4:00 am through a Crisis Telephone Line and Night Ministers who literally walk the streets of San Francisco. In addition we have a number of additional programs and partnerships: two outdoor worship services, a community bible study, an outreach to the LGBTQ communities, a wellness program, a collaboration with San Francisco General Hospital, and a CPE program, for example.

Night Ministry would offer the opportunity for students to experience many of these aspects of our ministry.

Specifically, we would train each student to serve as a Crisis Line Counselor. In addition, each student would walk with Night Ministers on their rounds, participate in our two Open Cathedrals (weekly outdoor worship services), participate in our Tuesday Night Gatherings (Bible Study), and other events as they are available.

Students would be invited to participate in our continuing education events, Governing Board meetings, staff meetings, and other programs and events as they are available.

Time will also be spent getting to know many of our 45 counselors, 16 staff members, and others who are associated with Night Ministry. Information about administration, not-for-profit organizations, fundraising, and other practical matters can also be accesses.

Students will be encouraged to develop a special project.

Please note that our nighttime hours are really 10:00 pm to 4:00 am. Occasionally, on the nights you serve, you may leave earlier than 2:00 am, but on the nights you are on the phone, you must stay until 2:00 am. Rides can be offered to BART or the bus stop at 2:00 am if needed. Also note that many other events (trainings, Open Cathedral - Mission, Tuesday Gatherings, etc.) are evenings, and that Open Cathedral - Civic Center is Sunday afternoon.

Night Ministry is non-denominational. Our staff comes from a wide variety of Christian and interfaith traditions.

Car Required: No
Monthly Stipend: $50.00

1031 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109


Lyle J Beckman, Director

American Friends Service Committee: Healing Justice

AFSC is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. Our work is based on the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice.

At this San Francisco office of AFSC we do prison-related work. We work in a number of Bay Area counties doing restorative justice circles and trying to lift up restorative models to replace the existing punishment (violent) system. We also do community organizing, including within faith communities - attempting to impact state policies administratively and legislatively.

A Field Ed student would work on issues related to mass incarceration, solitary confinement or restorative justice. The placement can be a combination of pastoral work, inside a locked facility, or in a re-entry program, and advocacy for systemic change. Students often help develop materials and arrange speaking opportunities with faith communities.

Stipend: AFSC can offer a qualified field ed student a stipend of $15/hr for the academic year (summer would be optional).
Car Required? No

65 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


Laura Magnani
Program Director, Healing Justice
415-565-0201 ext. 11

Kaiser Hospice Oakland

This is a rich opportunity to learn how to counsel the dying and bereaved. Through training workshops, practical experience calling the bereaved, grief support groups, home visits to dying patients, and shadowing social workers and chaplains, the seminarian will have extensive opportunities to develop their chaplaincy and pastoral skills.

Regular Training 

  • Hospice Program and Bereavement Team
  • Models of Grief (we use the Dual Process Model)
  • Family Systems and Genograms (triangles, dynamics), summarizing MSW psychosocials
  • Calling the bereaved
    - Preparing for the call (call log, identifying risk factors, talking points)
    - Navigating the conversation
    - Documenting the call
  • Caller resources, referrals
  • Self Care (transference, counter-transference)

Advanced Training (optional in-services)

  • Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder (DSM 5)
  • Differential diagnosis among grief, trauma, & depression
  • Shadowing chaplains and social workers; attending hospice IDG (Interdisciplinary Group) meetings; the hospice team
  • Facilitating grief support groups
  • Special Cases
    - Anticipatory Grief
    - Disenfranchised Grief
    - Multiple loss, Addiction, Suicidality
    - Children's Mourning 
  • Attachment Theory
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Cultural Differences
    - Bible stories: Hannah, Jacob, Job, Jesus childhood, Lazarus
    - Existential themes in personal loss
  • Mourning and the future of healthcare delivery
  • Certifications in Loss
    - UC Extension
    - Thanatology (Association for Death Education and Counseling)
    - CPE and Chaplaincy

Monthly Stipend: 0
Car Required?: No
3701 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611


Roy Gesley, Bereavement Coordinator
(510) 752-7757