Campus Map

PSR Buildings

  1. Holbrook Building
    Faculty and administrative offices
    Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology
    Doug Adams Gallery
    Center for Arts, Religion, and Education
    Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS)
  2. Seeley G. Mudd Building
    Computer lab
    Student lounge
    Center for Spiritual and Social Transformation
  3. Chapel of the Great Commission
    PSR Chapel
    Buckham Chapel
    Media Center
    Chapel classroom (PSR 6)
  4. d'Autremont Hall
    Dining hall
    Swedenborgian House of Studies
  5. Benton Hall
    Student housing
  6. Anderson Hall ("Arch")
  7. Student housing

  8. 2357 LeConte Avenue
    Faculty housing
  9. Zaytuna College

Nearby Graduate Theological Union Buildings

  1. Flora Lamson Hewlett Library
    GTU library and administrative offices
  2. 2465 LeConte Avenue
    GTU financial aid, administrative offices
    Center for Jewish Studies
  3. 2452 Virginia Street
    Center for Islamic Studies
    Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences
    Center for the Study of Religion and Culture
  4. 2311 Hearst Avenue
    Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute