Campus Accessibility

If you require campus accessiblity accommodations that you do not see listed below, please contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Registrar at for either temporary or ongoing campus accommodations. It is strongly recommended that you contact our offices for any special accommodations or access arrangements well in advance of your arrival.

Buckham (PSR chapel, PSR 6, IT)

  • There is an outdoor wheelchair lift from the main level of the PSR campus to the basement level of the chapel where PSR 6 and IT offices are located. The lift is located on the northeast side of the PSR Chapel and must be operated by a key that can be requested from the Housing Director (, who will also orient you on how to operate the lift.
  • Accessible entrance to PSR chapel on west side of building
  • Wheelchair door activation switch at west entrance
  • One unisex accessible restroom on the west side of building
  • Hearing loop for the hearing impaired installed in front pews in PSR Chapel

D'Autremont Hall (community dining hall)

  • Wheelchair door activation button at main north side entrance
  • One accessible unisex restroom

Holbrook Hall (administrative and faculty offices)

  • One elevator in
    Holbrook that accesses level G, B, 1 (main level of campus), and 2. However, level G is not accessible by itself.
  • Holbrook elevator may be used by those who park in the outer lot to access to main level of PSR campus
  • To access elevator in Holbrook outside business days/hours, contact Housing Director (
  • Three Ramps to Holbrook
         -West entrance
         -South entrance to the Bade Museum/Doug Adams Gallery
         -Outer parking lot to "B" level of Holbrook
  • Wheelchair door activation switch at west entrance
  • One accessible unisex restroom by elevator on level 1

Mudd Building (classrooms)  

  • One Ramp to west wing of Mudd at southwest entrance
  • Wheelchair door activation button at southwest entrance
  • Wheelchair door activation button at main south entrance 
  • 1st floor accessible. 2nd floor not accessible. If you have a class scheduled on the second floor and need it to be moved to the 1st floor for accessibility reasons, please contact the PSR registrar at
  • Non-gender specific accessible restrooms on 1st floor, west wing of Mudd


  • Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are available in the outer lot (not under the Mudd building) on the north side of Holbrook Hall.
  • A parking attendant is available during business days and hours when class is in session.

Student, Faculty, and visitor on-campus Housing (private access only)

  • Benton: all 1st floor units are accessible 

  • Castleview: Units 1 and A have fire alarms for hearing-impaired
  • McCown: one accessible 1-bedroom apt.
  • 1718 Scenic: one accessible studio apt.

For more information on private campus housing accessibility, contact the Housing Director (