Boyung Lee first woman of color to receive tenure at PSR

February 28, 2008
Boyung Lee

At the close of 2007, PSR faculty member Boyung Lee was promoted to associate professor of educational ministries. What was extraordinary about the promotion of this post-colonial feminist theologian was that it made her the first woman of color to receive tenure at PSR.

Born in Pohang, South Korea, Lee earned a degree in theology at Yonsei University in 1987. She decided to pursue graduate studies and ordination in the United States because, as a woman, she was opposed to the vow of celibacy that was required for a woman to be ordained in the Korean Methodist Church.

She earned her MDiv at Claremont School of Theology and her PhD in religion and education at Boston College, and was ordained in the United Methodist Church. While serving a church in Bolton, Connecticut, she began to focus on what has become one of her specialties as a teacher at PSR, pop culture and theology.

In June 2002, just after marrying a fellow Methodist minister, Boyung Lee headed West to join the faculty at PSR, where she says she feels very much at home — intellectually, spiritually, and personally. About her epoch-making tenure appointment, she observes: "It's a long overdue process, and now that this has happened for me, I hope it will happen very quickly for many more women of color."