Penn State Scandal

I’m a graduate of Penn State University, having received my PhD degree there in 1979.  Linda and I took advantage of the opportunity to purchase student tickets and attended most of the football team’s games at Beaver Stadium during our three years in State College.  We were proud members of the Joe Paterno fan club.  I remember running into him a couple of times around town. 
One year we gave copies of JoePa’s autobiography as a Christmas gift to our dads.  Neither was much of a reader but they both appreciated the gift.

It now seems clear that Joe Paterno made a huge mistake that has led to his dismissal as Penn State’s football coach.  The school’s president was forced to step down as well.  They knew more than anyone would want to know about the actions of one of the team’s assistant coaches, who is accused of horrendous violations of abuse against young boys.  JoePa may have fulfilled his legal
requirements but he failed to meet his own high standards and those of the university he loved.

I don’t think the University’s board had any choice but to relieve Paterno of his duties and to do it immediately.  To fail to do so would have communicated
exactly the wrong message to the Penn State constituencies.

Joe Paterno has been a wonderful teacher over the years and a heck of a football coach. He deserves
some time off but I hope he will use his position to help the public understand that child abuse is reprehensible, as is complicity though silence.  

Go Nittany Lions!