More About My Blog: "Leadership for a Bold Church"

“Leadership for a Bold Church” is approaching its first anniversary. I’ve been unusually busy the past couple of months with a couple of exciting consulting projects and the blog has suffered as a result. Assuming I’ve got something to say I’m hoping to contribute something every couple of weeks.

I’ve always been a numbers guy and track closely the traffic on the blog. From the first posting in November 2011 through the middle of May 2012 we had about 2,500 page views. Since moving to a new tracking program in mid-May the blog traffic has slowed a bit, in large part because I’ve not written very much. Traffic spikes a bit in the days after a new posting.

Over the past four months, 398 persons have visited the site 518 times and viewed 763 pages. Sixty-five percent were new visitors and 35 percent were return visitors. Fifteen percent visited the site directly, a third were the result of referrals (mostly Facebook) and about half found us through search engines (mostly Google). Over 100 visits were to a brief posting on the scandal at Penn State that was published just after the news broke; most of these came via Google and a substantial portion of the visitors were from outside the United States.

Each of my essays and lectures on issues facing Mainline religion/ Progressive Christianity in the US drew 50-100 hits each and visitors spent an average of more than six minutes on each posting.

Do I know what this all means? Not really.

I’m not really seeking a mass audience. From the beginning my goal has been to share my thinking on topics that don’t get a lot of attention in the public media. In a sense the Penn State posting was a bit of an aberration. My current plan is to continue to focus on things I know something about rather than topics of broad public interest. And, of course, to share thoughts on books I’m reading.

When I began this project I hoped to stimulate conversation about what I’ve written. I am encouraged by the occasional email responses I receive and have been pleasantly surprised by a number of requests to speak or consult with groups who have been stimulated by something that has appeared here

I welcome suggestions of topics or questions! It’s easier for me to write about questions people are asking or thinking about.

You can reach me at wmckinney[at]psr[dot]edu