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William McKinney

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We’ve asked Bill McKinney, PSR’s President Emeritus, to write a regular blog for this website, and we’re delighted that he’s agreed. Bill’s academic training in Sociology of Religion, his long tenure as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and his many years in theological education make him one of the keenest observers we know of American churches and the public voice of American religion. In his new position as Senior Consultant for the Center for Progressive Renewal, Bill continues his work toward greater vitality for both “historic and emerging faith communities”.

Bill will post regularly in this space. He speaks for himself, of course—not on behalf of PSR or the PSR faculty—but we think you’ll find his words insightful and provocative as always. You’re welcome to post comments, but Bill also welcomes your e-mail to him directly, at wmckinney[at]psr[dot]edu.

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Too Few Jobs for Seminary Graduates?

Recently I had a note from a friend who is a leader in a fine theological school.

Two Good Reads: Faith by Jennifer Haigh and The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

For most of my fiction reading I depend on the Centerville Public Library, which caters to Cape Cod’s summer and year-round populations.

On “Mainline Religion"

Next summer I’ll be keynoting the “Craigville Colloquy” which has taken place in our little Cape Cod village for over 25 years.

Penn State Scandal

I’m a graduate of Penn State University, having received my PhD degree there in 1979.  Linda and I took advantage of the opportunity to purchase student tickets an