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We’ve asked Bill McKinney, PSR’s President Emeritus, to write a regular blog for this website, and we’re delighted that he’s agreed. Bill’s academic training in Sociology of Religion, his long tenure as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and his many years in theological education make him one of the keenest observers we know of American churches and the public voice of American religion. In his new position as Senior Consultant for the Center for Progressive Renewal, Bill continues his work toward greater vitality for both “historic and emerging faith communities”.

Bill will post regularly in this space. He speaks for himself, of course—not on behalf of PSR or the PSR faculty—but we think you’ll find his words insightful and provocative as always. You’re welcome to post comments, but Bill also welcomes your e-mail to him directly, at wmckinney[at]psr[dot]edu.

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Where is Mainline Protestantism Today? (Craigville Colloquy Keynote)

This summer I was asked to keynote the Craigville Theological Colloquy, an annual gathering of lay and ordained theologians who come to our little Cape Cod village to listen to lectures and participat

A Reflection on Local Church Consulting

Recently I was asked to comment on a report to a local church prepared by a consultant representing a national church organization that specializes in helping congregations make “life or death”

Center for Progressive Renewal Webinar with Bill McKinney

I'll be talking about recent research on American religion and its implications for congregations in a one-hour webinar sponsored by the Center for Progressive Renewal.

Spring Reading: Mask of Sanity by Mark Henry Miller

I want to give a plug to a new book by an old friend. Mark Henry Miller is a retired United Church of Christ minister I have known for over 30 years.

Spring Reading: Moral Ambition: Mobilization and Social Outreach in Evangelical Megachurches by Omri Elisha

In the early pages of the book Moral Ambition: Mobilization and Social Outreach in Evangelical Megachurches, Omri Elisha lets the reader know that he is a native New Yorker, who is Jewish a

Spring Reading: Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray

Political scientist Charles Murray has written a lot of books. All of them have been provocative. Some have been downright nasty.

Spring Reading: The Real Romney by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman

Few people have read The Real Romney by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, which I found one day on the shelves of my local library.

Spring Reading: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The pile of recently-read-but not-yet-reviewed books in the living room has grown in the past couple of months and the text messages from amazon.com remind me there are new books coming later this

Important New Study Released: 2010 Religion Census: Religious Congregations and Membership

On May 2, 2010 a new study was released by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. This may not excite a lot of people, but it should!

Teaching Organizational Leadership Course at Hartford Seminary

I will be returning to Hartford Seminary to teach a course, Organizational Leadership for Ministries of Compassion and Justice, which will combine face-to-face and online learning opportunities.

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