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We’ve asked Bill McKinney, PSR’s President Emeritus, to write a regular blog for this website, and we’re delighted that he’s agreed. Bill’s academic training in Sociology of Religion, his long tenure as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and his many years in theological education make him one of the keenest observers we know of American churches and the public voice of American religion. In his new position as Senior Consultant for the Center for Progressive Renewal, Bill continues his work toward greater vitality for both “historic and emerging faith communities”.

Bill will post regularly in this space. He speaks for himself, of course—not on behalf of PSR or the PSR faculty—but we think you’ll find his words insightful and provocative as always. You’re welcome to post comments, but Bill also welcomes your e-mail to him directly, at wmckinney[at]psr[dot]edu.

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"Pilgrims on a Journey," A Sermon Preached for the Installation of Rev. Susan Brecht as Pastor and Teacher of Eliot Church, UCC


"Breaking New Ground": Installation Sermon for Rev. Esther Rendon Thompson, Union Congregational Churh, East Walpole, Mass

                                            Breaking New Ground

Summer Reading 2013

It’s Labor Day and the start of another school and church year. Up until three years ago Linda and I would have been fully immersed in campus life.

Memorial Tribute to Marion Vuilleumier

Marion Vuilleumier died this past winter at age 95. Earlier today I presided at her memorial servie in the Craigville Tabernacle. Here is a copy of my remarks.

Marion Vuilleumier Tribute

That They May All Be One: A Case for Financial Support of the United Church of Christ (John 17: 20-26)

That They May All Be One

William McKinney

A Sermon Preached at North Congregational Church, UCC, Middleborough, MA, May 12, 2013

Text: John 17: 20-26

When Our Reach Should Exceed Our Grasp, or What's a Heaven For? (Rev. 21:10 - 22:5)

Or What’s a Heaven For?

William McKinney

A Sermon Preached at South Congregational UCC, Centerville, MA

May 5, 2013

Text: Revelation 21:10-22:5

Memorial Tribute to the Rev. Nevin Kirk

The Rev. Nevin Kirk, a United Church of Christ minister and resident of Craigville and Centerville, Massachusetts died April 27 at age 93.

Teaching Fall 2013 Online Course at Hartford Seminary

I'll be teaching a 15-week online course this fall at Hartford Seminary.

End of the Year Reading and Bill's Best Books for 2012

My Christmas-week reading this year included a couple of novels and a provocative memoir by one of my favorite novelists.

Bill & Linda McKinney's Christmas Letter 2012

With warm greetings from Cape Cod, Mass and Linda and Bill McKinney