What's New with the Badè Project?

Traveling Exhibit Refurbishment

The traveling exhibit program at the Badè has a long tradition, going back nearly 20 years! In that time a lot of wear-and-tear has occurred on the packaging and exhibit materials necessitating refurbishment. Once completed, the new exhibits will feature updated signage, new objects, and a full-length DVD, all housed in sturdy new travel trunks!

Cataloging the Badè Collection

Every single object from the Badè Museum permanent collection, the bulk of which are ancient artifacts derived from Tell en-Nasbeh, are being fully recorded and cataloged within the new museum database. This is a lengthy process where each of the estimated 3,000 objects is photographed, weighed, measured, and described in great detail. Once objects are finished we plan to incorporate our collection of photographs and archives. For now, you can check out our progress and browse through some objects on our online database.

Print Archive Conservation

Preventative conservation of our large collection of photographic prints and negatives from the early twentieth century, including images from the excavation of Tell en-Nasbeh and the Middle East in general. The prints and negatives are being rehoused in archival envelopes with archival-quality paper dividers separating the prints from the negatives.

Glass Lantern Slide Conservation

Complete reorganization of our large glass slide collection, including priceless lantern slides of the excavation at Tell en-Nasbeh as well as cities and sites across the Middle East. Slides are being restored in archival-quality slide boxes to aid in their preservation.