Excavation Films

This video is a compilation of two reels of silent excavation footage filmed by George Hedley and James Philmore Collins during the 1926 and 1935 seasons at Tell en-Nasbeh. These silent films are a treasure not only for their documentation of the burgeoning archaeological field of the early twentieth century, but for the window it provides on landscapes and life-ways seemingly vanished from this region now overrun with urbanization. Images of excavations at Tell en-Nasbeh commingle with traditional Palestinian dancing, Bedouin bread making and Jerusalem street scenes that act as a historical narrative transferred without words.

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Digging Up a Buried Town: The Excavation of Tell en-Nasbeh

This video slide show documents the excavation from 1926 to 1935 of Tell en-Nasbeh by William F. Badè, then Professor of Old Testament at Pacific School of Religion. Features images from hand-colored glass slides taken at the time of the excavation and later images from the Badè Museum. Designed for high school students, young adults and older.

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