Tell en-Nasbeh Stratigraphy

This work catalogs and re-evaluates the architecture and stratigraphy of Tell en-Nasbeh, 12 km. NW of Jerusalem, which was first published in 1947. The analysis shows that the original division of the site's stratigraphy into two strata, each with two sub-phases, and the dating of these strata, are incorrect. Five strata are present, one having three sub-phases.

The study's unique contribution is the identification of the Babylonian stratum (Stratum 2). Tell en-Nasbeh is the first site with identifiable architecture founded in the early 6th century B.C. Almost equally significant is the identification of an inner and outer gate complex and the attribution of the intramural bins and drains to the same construction phase as the 3B defenses. The identification of the Iron Age I material is also largely new.

Special studies include: regional setting, agricultural installations, water use, population estimates, roads, defenses, cultic remains, and kilns.

Jeffrey R. Zorn


Zorn, J. R. 1993 Tell en-Nasbeh: A Re-Evaluation of the Architecture and Stratigraphy of the Early Bronze Age, Iron Age and Later Periods; Vol. 1-4. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.

Zorn, J. R. 1997. Mizpah: Newly Discovered Stratum Reveals Judah’s other Capital. BAR 23(5):28-38, 66.

Full listing of references available here.