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10 Berkeley Museums to Visit this Weekend.
The Daily Clog, a Cal Blog in the Daily Californian
April 18, 2013
The Badè Museum ranks top ten in the must-see museums on Cal Day.


God's Wife Edited Out of the Bible -- Almost: God's Wife, Asherah, was a powerful fertility goddess, according to a theologian.
Discovery News
March 18, 2011
Aaron Brody weighs in on recent discussions of the goddess Asherah in the Hebrew Bible.


Archaeological Views: Mastering the Museum Makeover
Biblical Archaeology Review
Jan/Feb, 2011
Aaron Brody discusses the challenges of revitalizing a museum collection, based on his experience as director of the Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology.


Scents and Sensibility
East Bay Express
April 7, 2010
Examining a huge banquet bowl that was more than 2,000 years old, Pamela Blotner found herself pondering not the vessel itself, but what it lacked.


An intimate look at an ancient culture in modern times
May 18, 2009
Unless you’re an aficionado of middle-eastern culture or world politics, you have probably heard little about the Kurds.


Traveling museum showcases ancient artifacts from Israel
Herald Review
November 1, 2008
The same story has been heard over the centuries about the young shepherd, David, who slew the Philistine giant Goliath with a round stone and slingshot.


In Memory of Elizabeth “Betsy” Bade Bacon, 1922-2008
International House, UC Berkeley
May 30, 2008
Betsy Bade Bacon, Residence Director of International House for 27 years, passed away peacefully in Berkeley on May 30, 2008, surrounded by her loving family.


Biblical artifacts on display
Calaveras Enterprise
September 24, 2007
In a city rich with its own history, residents are invited to come examine relics of a more distant era as Union Congregational Church hosts a traveling display of biblical artifacts, some dating back 5,000 years.


Berkeley pastor Finegan dies
Berkeley Daily Planet
July 26, 2000
A highly respected scholar and professor of the New Testament and archaeology, he was a summer session dean and director of the Bade Institute.