Past Badè Projects

Preventative Conservation

A complete cleaning out of the museum storage area and refashioning it with archival quality materials. This includes archival EthaFoam® padding for all the drawers, archival tissue paper to line boxes and create "nests" for larger pots and jars so that they do not fall over, and removal of artifacts from 75 year old storage boxes (many dust-filled and decaying!) to be rehoused in brand new, archival quality storage boxes and trays.

Bible Cleaning and Inventory

Gentle dusting of the entire Badè Collection archives and Howell Bible Collection. Even more importantly, each volume was inventoried, labeled with archival quality materials, and will soon be cataloged in the Bade database.

Excavation Index Card Scanning

A key step in entering data from the Tell en-Nasbeh excavations into our database is the scanning of thousands of index cards that were created by Badè and his team. Each card contains information about each artifact including descriptions, drawings, and catalog numbers. These cards being 70 years old are artifacts in and of themselves! Therefore, we are scanning each one so that their valuable information is preserved forever in digital format. Click here for more information.

Exhibit Improvement

On-going efforts to refurbish the current museum exhibits, the most recent being updates to the Iron Age burial exhibit, pillar figurines, jewelry and sewing/cloth production at Tell en-Nasbeh.