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Dr. Caroline Blyth, lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Hebrew language from the University of Auckland, New Zealand: "La femme fatale par excellence? Encountering Delilah in popular culture" (September 26)


Elizabeth S. Peña, Interim Director of the Center for the Arts, Religion, and Education (CARE) at GTU: “Transaction and Transformation: The Archaeological Story of Wampum" (March 10) Event Flyer >>

Sarah Shectman, Visiting Scholar of Hebrew Bible at the Pacific School of Religion: “Get Me This Girl as a Wife”: Marriage in the Hebrew Bible (November 15) Event Flyer >>

Thomas Levy, Department of Anthropology and Qualcomm Institute University of California, San Diego: "Masters of Fire - Hereditary Bronze Casters of South India" (May 6) Event Flyer >>

Trivia Night at the Museum - A night of testing knowledge on Art, Religion, Archaeology, and the Gallery, with pizza, beer, and good company. Congratulations to the winning teams! (April 25) Event Flyer >>

Aaron Brody, Robert and Kathryn Riddell Associate Professor of Bible and Archaeology and the Director of the Badè Museum at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley: "The Extended Family in the Hebrew Bible and Household Archaeology" (January 28)Event Flyer >>

Rosemary Joyce, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Social Sciences & Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley: "Sexuality in Prehispanic Maya and Aztec Societies: Beyond Heteronormativity" (September 28) Event Flyer »


Erich Gruen, Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of History and Classics Emeritus University of California, Berkeley: "Jewish Appropriation of Greek Mythology" (April 27) Event Flyer »

Lunchtime Talk: Christine Thomas Freedberg, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, "Women on the Verge of the Hittite Empire" (April 20)

Mining the Collection 2012 Exhibit Opening and Reception
The Joint Exhibit Opening Reception for the Badè Museum's show, "Shedding Light on the Layers of a Lamp: Creation, Production and Symbolism at Tell en-Nasbeh" and the Doug Adams Gallery's exhibit entitled "Dimensions of Dark," featuring the work of Cathy Richardson (April 3)
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Movie Night at the Museum!
A screening of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" co-sponsered by the Badè Museum and PSR's Faith and Film Student Group (February 9) Event Flyer » Photos »


"Tell en-Nasbeh after 85 Years", ASOR 2011, San Francisco
Presided over by Aaron J. Brody and Jeffrey R. Zorn.
Papers presented by Jeffrey R. Zorn (Cornell University), Boaz Zissu (Bar-Ilan University), Mary Larkum (University of Massachusetts), Alexis Boutin(Sonoma State University), and Catherine P. Foster (Ancient Middle East Education and Research Institute),(November 17)

Gloria London, Ceramic Technologist, Madaba Plains Project, "Umayri: "A Feast For All at Tall al-'Umayri in the Late Bronze/Iron Age I" (November 17) Photos »

"Promoting Archaeology, Dialog, and Social Justice," a night hosted by The Society for Humanitarian Archaeological Research and Exploration (more information about SHARE can be found at www.archshare.org) (April 15)

Michal Artzy, Head of the Hatter Laboratory, Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa, Israel: "Akko: Excavations of an Ancient Multi-Cultural Harbor" (March 11)

Ian Morris, Stanford University: "Economic Growth and Economic Justice in the Ancient World" (January 24)

Alexis Boutin, Sonoma State University: "The Reality of "Race": A Bioarchaeological Perspective" (November 12)



Panel Discussion: "Mining the Collection: An Archaeology of the Senses" (May 13)

Annlee Dolan, San Joaquin Delta College: "Chemosh, Consorts and Cultic Ceremonies: Worship in Ancient Moab" (April 23)

"Lived Experience in Ancient Judah" exhibition opening and reception (April 8)

Jeffrey R. Zorn, Cornell: "The Clothes Make the Man: Re-Imagining Goliath of Gath" (April 7)

"Tell en-Nasbeh: The Original Sustainable Community" exhibition opening and reception (January 28)

Munir Jiwa, Graduate Theological Union: "E Pluribus Umma: Secular Fundamentalism and the Aesthetics of Islamic Norms" (January 25)

Jon Vidar, USC: "Hope and Reflection Revisited: Life in the Kurdish Refugee Camps of Iraq" (December 3) Photos » Video »



"Hope and Reflection" and "William Frederic Badè" exhibition opening and reception (14 May) Photos »  Video »

"Ancient Tell, Modern Art" exhibition opening and reception (March 5) Photos »

Christine Hastorf, UC Berkeley: "Archaeological Andean Rituals: Performance, Liturgy, and Meaning" (January 26)

The Badè Museum second annual opening and reception (November 14) Photos »

Alice Petty, Stanford University: "Figuring Figurines: Designing a Methodology and Deciphering Meaning" (October 13)



Assaf Yasur-Landau, UC Santa Cruz: "Orpheus in Paradise and Drinks in Hell:
The Uses of Iconography in Canaanite and Philistine Feasts" (May 8)

Roy King, Stanford University: "The Archaeology of the Crossroads: How Modern DNA Studies Inform our Understanding of the History and Pre-History of the Eastern Mediterranean" (January 21)

David Ilan, Hebrew Union College: "Politics and Archaeology in Israel and Palestine" (November 29)

The Badè Museum opening and reception (November 8) Photos »



Lawrence Stager, Harvard University: "Ashkelon, Seaport of the Early Philistines: New Light on Their Language and Culture"

Christoph Uehlinger: "The Visual Culture of Ancient Israel: Problems and Perspectives"

Robert Bellah, UC Berkeley: "All Religions are Cousins: Religion in Human Evolution"

William Dever, University of Arizona: "Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel"

Marianne Grohman, Vienna: "Birth Narratives in the Psalms"



Carol Meyers, Duke University: "Barely Visible But Very Real: Women's Religious Culture in Ancient Israel"



Douglas Sharon, Director of the Hearst Museum: "Shamanism in Peru"

Steven Fine, University of Cincinnati: "Synagogue Mosaics and Liturgy in Roman Period Palestine"



Saul Olyan, Brown University: "Recovering the Social Dimensions of Biblical Mourning"

Ann Killebrew, Pennsylvania State University: "The Philistines"