Current Exhibits

From Death to Life in Ancient Bahrain

(October 2014-January 2015, Badè Museum Gallery and foyer)


Facial reconstruction by Gloria Nusse


The Badè Museum is proud to present From Death to Life in Ancient Bahrain, a new exhibit featuring the collaborative research of scholars from Sonoma State University, University of California, Berkeley, Stockholm University, and San Francisco State University. Four thousand years ago a society known as Dilmun existed in what is present-day Bahrain. The people living there commemorated their dead by building burial mounds that can still be seen today. Learn about their lives via this fascinating exhibit on the archaeological remains discovered in the mounds. Highlights include reproductions of ancient pottery made by Sonoma State University ceramics students and facial reconstructions of two ancient Dilmunites!

Participating researchers and coordinators include: Alexis Boutin (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Sonoma State University), Benjamin Porter (Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, UC Berkeley), Sabrina Sholts (Stockholm University), Gloria Nusse (San Francisco State University), Gregory Roberts (Associate Professor of Studio Art, Sonoma State University) , Jennifer Jacobs (Sonoma State University), and Karen Brodsky (Sonoma State University Library).



Tell en-Nasbeh

(Permanent Display; Badè Museum Gallery)



This exhibit is the "heart and soul" of the Badè Museum. It displays a wealth of finds from the excavations at Tell en-Nasbeh, Palestine whose objects span from the Early Bronze Age (3100–2200 BC) through the Iron Age (1200–586 BC) and into the Roman and Hellenistic periods.

Highlights of the exhibit include "Tools of the Trade" featuring real archaeological tools used by Badè and his team, an oil lamp typology, a Second Temple period (586 BC–70 AD) limestone ossuary, and a selection of painted Greek pottery.