Ceramic Analyses on Pottery from Busayra, southwest Jordan

Stephanie Brown, the Badè Museum’s assistant curator and director of the Busayra Cultural Heritage Project, is currently using the research facilities at the Badè Museum to carry out ceramic analyses on pottery collected from the site of Busayra, located in southwest Jordan. Busayra is widely believed to be the ancient settlement of Bozrah, the capital of the Iron Age polity of Edom. Excavations carried out at the site during the 1970s by Crystal M. Bennett documented monumental architecture, including a possible temple and palace protected by an extensive fortification system used between then late eighth and fifth centuries BCE. By studying Busayra’s pottery, Brown hopes to better understand the cultural practices of Busayra’s inhabitants within the context of their own daily, household activities. As the fundamental building block of society, the household and its associated activities have the potential to inform scholars about the larger sociopolitical processes at work within a society. The ceramic analyses will document the function and distribution of the collected pottery in order to better understand practices of food preparation and consumption in the Iron Age southern Levant.