Badè Museum, Pacific School of Religion


I would like to welcome you to the Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology on the campus of the Pacific School of Religion, located in beautiful Berkeley, California. For over 80 years, the Badè Museum has served as a window into the ancient past of Israelite society promoting education, public outreach, and research opportunities for scholars around the country. I encourage you to explore our website and consider a visit to our museum gallery whose intimate setting is ideal for the appreciation of artifacts and objects that originate from halfway around the world.

Dr. Aaron Brody
Museum Director



The mission of the Badè Museum is to preserve, research, interpret, and present to the public ancient artifacts and texts so as to promote the understanding and teaching of religious history, especially biblical history and the history of the biblical text.



The Museum will not purchase or provide assessments of artifacts. It will consider accepting collections or artifacts that have been acquired legally and ethically, along with accompanying documentation.




1798 Scenic Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

Tel: (510) 849-8200 x8907
Fax: (510) 845-8948
Email: bade[at]psr[dot]edu