Arranging Placements

The Field Education office assists students in arranging placements with congregations and agencies. Here you can find information, forms, and other resources.

What Students Need to Know

It is the responsibility of students to work with the Field Education office to find a placement. The steps are as follows.

  1. During your first semester in the MDiv program, meet with Field Education staff to discuss vocational goals and placement opportunities.
  2. Early in spring semester, contact the Field Education office to begin the process of locating a suitable placement.
  3. Read Field Education placement notices posted on the bulletin board in the student mailroom and on this site in March. Additional information about each opportunity is available in the Field Education office. It is each student's responsibility to contact and interview with possible sites.
  4. Alternately, you may develop your own site for a Field Education placement by submitting a proposal to Field Education staff. It must be approved by Field Education staff prior to accepting the placement.
  5. Notify the Field Education office when you have secured a placement by submitting the signed Placement Confirmation form.

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Congregations and Agencies

PSR is grateful for the partnership of congregations and agencies in preparing seminarians for ministry and community leadership. We recognize and appreciate the commitment made to seminarians in providing mentoring and an opportunity to be learners.

Congregations and agencies interested in offering a placement and able to provide the requisite mentoring should submit the Notice of Field Education Opportunity form to the Field Education office. Please include a brief description of the ministry setting and the needs and learning opportunities. The Field Education office notifies students of available placements. Students are responsible for contacting and interviewing with placements suitable to their vocational goals.

Field Education staff are available for assistance and guidance in the placement process, but the final decision and acceptance is the responsibility of the congregation or agency and the student. Both parties need to be explicit about their expectations. These expectations need to be communicated clearly to members of the congregation or constituents of the agency and to appropriate denominational or organizational personnel and committees.

Congregations and agencies should be aware of the financial needs of seminarians, since many have left paying jobs to make time for field education. The Field Education office may be consulted about financial remuneration; however, all financial arrangements are negotiated between the congregation or agency and the student.

The timeline for offering placements may vary depending on whether it is a full-time or part-time placement. Concurrent (part-time) field education opportunities are announced to students in early March for the following academic year. Students are expected to notify the Field Education office of their placements by mid-April.

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