Adjunct Faculty

Summer 2014

Please visit the page for the Summer Session instructors by following this link.

Fall 2014

Carol Barriger, United Church of Christ Ethos, Polity and Ministry (Email Instructor)

Sandra BlairConcurrent Field Study I (Email Instructor)

George Dole, Swedenborgian Biblical Exegesis I (Email Instructor)

Will McGarveyConcurrent Field Study I (Email Instructor)

John OdaConcurrent Field Study I (Email Instructor)

Karen Oliveto, Grace Upon Grace: UMC History and Polity (Email Instructor)

Alvan Quamina, Faith and Public Health (Email Instructor)

Pam Shortridge, Concurrent Field Study I (Email Instructor)

Justin Tanis, Sexuality in Sacred Art (Email Instructor)

Intersession 2015

Eric Barreto, Race, Ethnicity, and the New Testament (Email Instructor)

Yvette Flunder, Refuge in the City (Email Instructor)

Robert Kramish, Art of Academic Writing (Email Instructor)

Spring 2015 

Carla De Sola, Dance Meditation (Email Instuctor)

George DoleSwedenborgian Biblical Exegesis II (Email Instructor)

Edward Gray, Varieties of LGBT Religion (Email Instructor)