Transferring Credits & Advanced Standing


You may transfer a portion of your PSR program from an accredited theological or graduate school if that credit has not already been applied to a conferred degree and if that credit is evaluated by the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs as an appropriate part of your program. Furthermore, no credits that fall outside the lapsed-time rule (see time lapse limit in Common Academic Policies chart) may be counted toward the program. Petitions to Transfer Credits should be submitted by the end of the first semester of your program so that a decision may be rendered in time for you to plan your program.

Petitions should include official transcripts showing the credits earned if they are not already obtained during the Admissions process. All petitioned courses are assumed to be transferred for elective credit unless noted on your petition to be used toward a basic requirement. In the case that you wish to petition a transferred course to be used for one of your basic requirements or any other kind of requirement, you must note that on your petition, and you must supply course descriptions and syllabi of those courses to accompany the written petition request. Requests without syllabi will be processed for elective credit only.

Special Transfer Cases

Certificate of Theological Education for Leadership (CTEL):Students who already possess an associates degree or higher and have earned a CTEL, may petition to transfer up to 3.0 elective credits toward a graduate PSR degree or certificate program by the end of their first semester at PSR.

Certificate of Ministry (CMS):
CMS graduates who wish to pursue futher education at PSR may transfer up to 7.5 elective credits toward PSR graduate degree or certificate or program by the end of their first semester at PSR.

Field Education credit: Transferring Field Education credits requires, in addition to transcripts, submission of all field education reports documenting the field education experience and evaluation from the previous institution.

Northwest House of Theological Studies: Northwest House of Theological Studies students may transfer up to 1/2 of total required units.

As PSR is on a semester system, quarter credits are transferred in at 2/3 the original rate. Courses suitable for transfer of credit are graduate level academic courses from an ATS and/or WASC accredited (or equivalent) institution—in theology or a closely related field that were taken (1) as a special or non-degree student, or (2) above and beyond degree requirements in a degree program, or (3) for a degree program which the student did not and will not complete. Up to 2/3 of your total required units may be transferred from a school outside PSR including courses from another school in the consortium.

In short, a few key things to remember and check if you are thinking about transferring are:

  • Credits cannot have already been used toward the awarding of another degree.
  • Credits cannot be older than usually 4-7 years (lapsed time rule) depending on which program you are applying to at PSR.
  • Courses must be at graduate level, in theological field, and from accredited institution.
  • Petitions must be accompanied with copies of syllabi for courses you wish to use toward basic foundational requirements of PSR programs.

Notation of transfer on your PSR transcript wiill appear as only the number of credits, the name(s) of the institution(s) from which the credits were transferred, and the term(s) from which they were earned. Actual course names and grades from your transferred courses are not posted and are not included in your PSR grade point average calculation. This notation of transferred credits will not appear on your WebAdvisor transcript, but should appear on the hard copy of grades you receive after each year, so check to make sure it appears correctly on your grade reports.

Advanced Standing

On some occasions, students may feel that their prior undergraduate or graduate work that is either outside the lapsed-time rule or that has already been used toward the awarding of a prior degree should excuse them from having in essence repeat a required foundational introduction course that is normally required as part of their PSR program. They may feel that a more advanced course in that required field may better serve their educational needs. Such students may choose to petition for “advanced standing” in their PSR program.

With advanced standing status, students may have permission to forego a normally required basic foundational course and take another course in its stead to to fulfil the credits for that required area.

The difference between a transfer and advanced standing is that in the case of transfer, actual credits from another instittution are used toward the fulfillment of PSR program requirements whereas in the case of advanced standing, only the course but not the credits are used toward fulfillment of PSR program requirements.

Students interested in petitioning for advanced standing use the same form for transfers but should note “advanced standing” as their interest. Since advanced standing applies only to foundational required areas or area of interest requirements, all petitions for advanced standing must be accompanied by syllabi of courses listed in the petition.

If advanced standing is approved, the student may waive taking the normally recommended basic introduction courses as required by their PSR program and instead substitute the credits by enrolling in a different more advanced course in the same area of your own choosing. Note that in the case of advanced standing, credits are not transferred and thus, credits must still be fulfilled by taking courses through PSR.

Petition Evaluation Periods

Petitions to Transfer/Advanced Standing and any new additional documents or appeals will be considered on the following schedule:

Submission Deadline
Materials received by
Will receive a response by
September 30 October 30
December 30 January 30
March 30 April 30
June 30 July 30

If you wish to appeal a decision, please do so by submitting all additional syllabi and/or other documentation to support your appeal by the next deadline. Submissions that are not received in time by a deadline will processed at the next deadline. However note that petitions with complete documentation should be submitted by the end of the first semester of your program so that a decision may be rendered in time for you to plan your program. No requests for transfer or additional appeals will be considered after your first year at PSR except under special circumstances.

Transfer and Advanced Standing Petition Forms

Below are Petitions to Transfer Credit for GTU Common MA students and non-GTU Common MA students. Please fill out the appropriate form and submit to the PSR Assistant Dean for Academic Programs.

Petition to Transfer Credits & apply for Advanced Standing for PSR Students (non-GTU MA) >>
Petition to Transfer Credits & apply for Advanced Standing for GTU Common MA Students