PSR confers degrees and holds a commencement once a year after the Spring semester. The GTU confers degree twice a year once in October for Fall graduates and once in May for Spring graduates. For GTU/PSR MA students, if you graduate in Fall, you will be invited to participate in the following Spring’s commencement exercises at PSR.

In the fall prior to your expected graduation, graduating students will be asked to file an Intent to Graduate form and return it, with a completed program worksheet to the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs. Once an approved confirmation from the Assistant Dean is given in January, students will become a candidate for graduation and will begin receiving mailings explaining the details and deadlines related to graduation, including information about commencement invitations, robe, and hood.

Students must have completed or at the very minimum must have remained registered for their final requirements in the final Spring semester before graduation in May in order to be eligible for graduation that year and to be eligibile to walk with their graduating class in the commencement ceremony for that year. As students are responsible for understanding their own program requirements, if they elect to drop or withdraw from previously registered required courses, they will also incur the risk of not graduating. Other requirements may be placed on students  before they are eligibile to graduate.

PSR does not issue diplomas/certificates at graduation, but does distribute diploma/certificates covers then. Degree students are hooded at commencement typically by the faculty marshall. MA and DMin students are hooded specifically by their advisor. In the absence of expected faculty at commencement, the dean, program director, or faculty marshall typically performs hooding functions. If students wish inquire if others may hood them, such requests need to be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs prior to commencement.

Diplomas/Certificates are mailed around July 15.

For more info on the Graduation Commencement in May (robes, hoods, announcements, graduation tickets), click here.