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Let the Church Say, "Amen!": An Introduction to Christian Worship

with Dr. Sharon Fennema
October 13 - 20, 2015 


This course on worship draws on the idea that liturgy literally means, "the work of the people." We will explore the theology, theory and practice of worship as a communal act that forms and shapes people to "go and do likewise" in the world. Various elements of worship, and styles of worship, will be addressed. 

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Human Sexuality: Histories, Theologies and Politics of the Flesh (CGSB course) 


with Min. Schmian Evans
October 19 - 26, 2015 


Human sexuality has a long and complex history. In these complexities, constructions of sex, gender and sexuality often foreground what is considered “normal” in any given period. In this course, we’ll take a closer look at some of these complexities and constructs and invite ourselves into deeper exploration of how power is at play and what it may reveal to us about God and ourselves. Through critical and creative engagement with stories and texts giving voice to the beautiful diversity existing within Divine’s creation, close attention will be paid to modern, and often binary, constructs. Whose voices are present? Whose are absent? What has changed? What has not? Who decides? How might ancient understandings vary from our own? Where is God in all of it? What is the good news for the diverse communities we are called to serve?

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Learn about our new course series & certificate in Gender, Sexuality & the Bible, beginning in September.

Welcome to Theological Education for Leadership (TEL)

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This program of special courses and seminars provides progressive, accessible Christian theological education year round for clergy, laity, and spiritual seekers from diverse racial/ethnic communities. TEL is multicultural in its design and focus. It may be engaged at the level that works for you - for personal spiritual formation, lay leadership training, professional growth, or continuing education.

Using PSR's "flexible learning" approach, TEL fosters a strong and supportive community environment while enabling participation at a distance through online learning. A carefully selected curriculum of online experiences may be engaged individually, or as part of a non-graduate-level certificate.

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Rev. Janice Sommerville
Program Coordinator, TEL and Community & Continuing Education
/ 510-849-8284

TEL is for "The Ordinary People of God"

"The scope and vision of Christian educational ministry is opened up by online possibilities.  This has significance for the ownership of theology, formerly the preserve of the university, seminary, or specialist theologian.  It suggests a different sort of theology, not derived from academics or church hierarchy but emerging from within the ordinary people of God."

Dr. Ros Stuart-Buttle, Journal of Education & Christian Belief, 2014

Praise for TEL

Scottie Shelton - CTEL Graduate 2015

 "I had a wonderful TEL experience. I began in the middle of the TEL year (January’s “I’m Gonna Preach”) but I’m glad I didn’t wait to get started! You can really begin at any point and still get the full TEL experience. 

I met new friends and came to love each professor and the way they interacted with us both in class and online.  I was sad every time we said our goodbyes in our final class.  The sharing can be very intimate as well.  Beyond just discussing the material, instructors gave us opportunities to pray for one another, to offer praises and discuss side topics like how we were affected by world politics.  Aside from meeting people from around the world, you have the opportunity to learn from Doctor level professors and all at a very affordable price for each class. 

The TEL experience could be all you are looking for in your work as a leader in your faith community, or it could be a jumping off point into deeper theological study.” Scottie Shelton - CTEL 2015

Certificate of Theological Education for Leadership (CTEL), 2015

TEL Partners with the MCC L.E.A.D. Program

The Office of Community & Continuing Education at PSR is proud to partner with the MCC Office of Formation & Leadership to provide course offerings for congregational leaders taking their spiritual, theological, and ministry development to new levels!

These online classes meet the criteria for required courses and electives in Public Speaking, Organizational Development, Christian Education, and Essentials in Worship Leading in the MCC L.E.A.D. Program.

Lay leaders enrolled in the L.E.A.D. Program register for each TEL class at the same discounted rate as PSR's Certificate of Theological Education for Leadership (CTEL) students.  


Worship - Oct. 13 - 20, 2015
Preaching - Jan. 2016
Church Administration
 - Feb. 2016
Christian Education - Sept. 2016

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