Upcoming Events

Winter/Spring 2014 weekend course:

 "Restoring Community in the Mainline"

This course will meet 4 weekends in early 2014: 

- February 7 & 8
- March 14 & 15
- April 11 & 12
- May 2 & 3.

 Course description: What
does faithfulness to the gospel look like in this changing world? What is our distinctive voice as mainline Christians in the larger society? How does theological education and the church have to change if it is to serve the needs of a new century?  grappling with these questions this class explores ways to move the mainline churches to be a relevant and prophetic community for the 21st century.  Particularly, the class explores how to move beyond the excessive individualism of western culture so that mainline Christians understand their solidarity with one another and with all of God's people. The class particularly will explore the crucial role of faith formation through the lens of critical religious education which is much more than mere schooling and engages all aspects of people's lives.  Particular topics studied in the class: What is community?   What are educational/ministerial strategies to create an authentic and faithful community?  How to develop communal sermon models, Bible studies, and church structures?  How to move the church to become an intercultural/interfaith community?

The Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Education and Spiritual Formation. She is the author of Transforming Congregations through Community: Faith Formation from the Seminary to the Church. Westminster/John Knox Press, 2013.

Community Invited to Join PSR's Cultural Immersions

MDiv students consistently rate their cultural immersions as high points in their PSR experience.  This year PSR is opening immersions to all members of the wider community, including you.  All who are interested in stretching awareness and strengthening theological and multicultural capacities as leaders and change agents are invited to apply.  Upcoming immersions include:

·    Refuge in the City is inner city ministry with Bishop Yvette Flunder in the San Francisco Bay Area, January 6-17, 2014.  View photos from the Refuge Immersion 2013 Chapel service on the PSR campus.

·    Akko, Israel Archaeology & Heritage is religious-cultural histories & realities and an archaeological dig with Dr. Aaron Brody in Akko, Israel/Palestine, July 13-26, 2014.  Read the blog from the 2010 Israel immersion. 

Come along! Visit the immersion course information page or  contact contexted@psr.edu for more information.


For those needing overnight acommodations, rooms may be available at Easton Hall Conference Center, eastonhall@cdsp.edu. 

Leave yourself no fewer than 15 minutes for parking.  Parking is notoriously difficult in this neighborhood.  Here are your best options:

  1. Parking is available on Friday in the PSR parking lot & garage off Scenic Avenue between Scenic & Le Conte.  The rate is $6 per day.  The lot is free on Saturday.
  2. Neighborhood street parking is free and unlimited on Saturdays
  3. There is a paid parking lot on Le Conte at the corner of Hearst Avenue

See http://www.psr.edu/visiting-campus for public transit and driving directions.  A map of campus highlights event locations.

All events are on the PSR campus at 1798 Scenic Ave. in Berkeley unless otherwise noted. Contact the office of Community & Continuing Education at 510/849-8202 or cce@psr.edu for details.