2008-2009 Honor Roll of Donors

by Paul Extrum-Fernandez

Training leaders to serve God with compassion and justice

Every contribution to PSR reflects your investment in new leadership for our churches and communities. The gifts you provide support an educational experience for students who will serve God with compassion and justice in a changing world.

Let me introduce one recent alum, Wade Meyer (MDiv 2009), who came to PSR because he liked what he knew of its emphasis on social justice. As a student, Wade was impressed by our new MDiv curriculum. “What PSR wants us to do as we go out into the world to be religious leaders,” he says, “is to really think about frameworks and context—we talk about context all of the time! One of the biggest things PSR has done for me is to let the world be complex—not try to simplify it or divide it up into little categories or components. Another thing I really value here are the students. A lot of the students have a real drive to do justice work, and they have the ability to articulate it as well as to do it. People here have been really incredible and inspiring.”

As an alum, Wade Meyer, now reflects PSR’s leadership and its commitment to compassionate service. He is thankful for the way PSR helped him define his ministry context and prepared him for community service. “PSR not only shaped my ministry, it also framed a better understanding of seeing spirituality in everyday life,” says Wade. He currently works for two organizations that are focused on human services: The Rainbow Community Center in Concord and Care Through Touch in San Francisco. At the Rainbow Community Center, Wade works with the Kind Hearts Program, which houses a food pantry and delivers groceries to LGBT seniors and persons living with HIV. The Care Through Touch program offers seated massage therapy for both the homeless and the marginalized.

Your investment in theological education is a gift that will serve God through forming and training leaders like Wade, who was one of three students honored with the Koinonia Award at last May’s commencement (see page 13). For more information about Wade Meyer’s ministry, check out rainbowcc.org and carethroughtouch.org.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of compassionate boldness and for the gifts that you continue to share with Pacific School of Religion.

—Paul Extrum-Fernandez

Vice President for
Institutional Advancement


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