2007-2008 Honor Roll of Donors

Paul Extrum-Fernandez

On behalf of Pacific School of Religion, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the contributions of our donors. Last year, we received over $2,300,000 in gifts to the school. We recognize that these are trying economic times for many, and your gifts are a blessing of generosity. Thank you! Your commitment and support of progressive theological education places you at the forefront of a bold future with the communities that our students will serve.

An example of that commitment and support comes from Rev. Dan Aprá and his wife, Joy Palmerlee Aprá. They have a passion for giving and for the future leadership of the church. These passions have united in the couple’s financial support of Pacific School of Religion.

Born into a missionary family, Dan learned about generosity at an early age. During the Great Depression, his father gave 15 percent of his income to the church—while supporting a family of 11 on a missionary’s salary. His father believed that 10 percent already belonged to God and the other 5 percent was the family’s contribution.

Together, Dan and Joy have taken this philanthropic principle a step further. “We’ve come to the conclusion that for many middle-class Americans the tithe should be the minimum standard for giving. We thank God that we are able to contribute 30 to 40 percent of our income to PSR, the church, and other worthy causes.”

Acting upon their passion, they give to PSR in two ways: First, by making annual contributions that provide half the cost of tuition for two PSR students; second, by investing in charitable gift annuities with the school to ensure that this level of support will continue in perpetuity.

The Aprás support theological education at PSR for several reasons. One is the enormous debt that seminarians carry after graduation. “When I graduated from seminary in 1940,” Dan recalls, “churches were paying minimal salaries, but in those days students usually graduated debt free. Joy and I have decided to give annuities and gifts that would help students graduate with less debt.”

Another reason the Aprás give is their belief that the church is increasingly in need of capable and dynamic leaders. Dan says, “The church must continue to have people committed to social justice and public witness into the future.”

Our gratitude extends to all of our donors, who like the Aprás, have a deep commitment to the future of leadership in the church. Thank you for joining us in creating a bold educational environment that extends the reach of compassion and justice in our world.


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